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Sun Valley Pools Has the Pool Liners You Need

The liner is a crucial component of your above-ground pool. They protect the pool various damaging factors and give your pool a visually-appealing look. Above ground pools need to be protected from sun damage, chlorine, and debris. Age also causes wear and tear, which damages crucial components of your pool. Contact Sun Valley Pools for pool liner replacement and installation today!


We Have High-Quality Pool Liners for Every Budget

Fortunately, Sun Valley Pools has no shortage of replacement liner options available to our customers. A ratty, torn, or decrepit above-ground pool looks shoddy and discourages guests from jumping in. Whether you’re gearing up for swimming season or getting ready to host a family reunion, replacing a worn liner should be a top priority. Your options include:

Overlap Liners

Overlap liners fold over the above-ground pool’s wall. We attach it in place throughout the wall of the pool by using coping strips.

Beaded Liners

We tuck a special bump into the track that runs around the interior of the pool’s wall.

J-Hook Liners

This is a rubber "J"-shaped liner that is simply snapped over the top rail of the pool. A J-Hook liner is also an affordable and easy-to-install option.

Universal Beads

True to their name, universal beads can be installed in any above-ground pool regardless of manufacturer.

Replace Your Liner Today

Regardless of the liner style you choose, each of Sun Valley Pool’s liners comes complete with gorgeous mosaics and patterns. Once water is added, you won’t be able to resist jumping in for a late evening swim. Contact us today to replace your above-ground pool liner.

Experience the Joy of Your Very Own Swimming Pool